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Family get-together without the cooking

In our culture, meals are meant to be enjoyed together. 

That's why we created this cozy atmosphere in our restaurant so that no matter how big your group is, and no matter the occasion, you always feel satisfied and at home.

We offer light snacks, noodles- and rice-based dishes with protein choices such as beef, pork, chicken, and tofu. 

While some items are created vegan/ vegetarian, many other ones can be modified to fit your diet and health preference.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

At Pho Dai Viet, we stay true to the the ways that Vietnamese food is prepared in our home country. Compared to other cuisines such as Indian and Chinese, Vietnamese cuisine uses fewer seasonings, less fat, and simpler recipes. We focus on getting the freshest ingredients and making each of them shine through. 

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 This is the noodle place and the noodles I had been craving and didn't know I was missing until today. I wished I had my friend come here to try his first bowl of pho because I am afraid his first experience at another place would turn him off if I mention noodle ever again. I have been here plenty of times for years, but somehow coming here on one of the coldest days when a hot bowl would have hit the spot totally slipped my mind.

The pho is so flavorful. I ordered the seafood soup which was perfect. It took a while but that's because good food should never be rushed.

I am so glad I came here. Will be back! 

Yelp Review / Fran S. 


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